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StrionAir air filtration systems bridge the traditional gap between clean air and energy costs, erasing the tradeoff requiring higher power consumption to get cleaner air. Additionally, StrionAir filters possess a unique germicidal effect, destroying trapped microorganisms to make filtration an active part of a healthy facility. StrionAir manufactures and markets this patented, breakthrough air-filtration technology that renders existing air-filtration solutions technically inferior and cost ineffective. Based on pioneering research performed by Lawrence Livermore National Lab and first commercialized by StrionAir's founders, StrionAir has created the industry's first germicidal, high efficiency, low pressure-drop air filtration system.

Company profile

Founded 1997

Acquired by Carrier Corporation,

a UTC Company, in September 2009.



Louisville, CO 80027,

TEL: (303) 664-1140

FAX: (303) 664-1210

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TEL: (303) 926-5681

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